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Community Preference guidelines to be used at Village Gardens

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Affordable homes at Village Gardens will be sold according to the City of Seattle’s community preference guidelines. Community Preference recognizes that people with historic ties to particular neighborhoods may have been displaced by economic forces including gentrification, or that they may be at imminent risk of gentrification.

The City of Seattle’s Office of Housing has provided guidelines to give preference in purchasing to:

Applicants who are current residents

For projects in neighborhoods currently facing high risk of displacement.

Applicants, their family members, or ancestors (i.e. great-grandparent) are former residents

For projects in neighborhoods that have historically been affected by high displacement.

Applicants who have community ties or utilize community services in neighborhood

For projects that would wish to include members of organizations (i.e. cultural, religious, social, etc.) or people who utilize services offered in the community in order to reach those least likely to apply.

Since the prices for Homestead’s affordable homes are fixed, it is frequently the case that there is more than one qualified buyer for each of our homes. Homestead uses a tie-breaking system on buyer selection that includes the following criteria:

  • Household size is closest match to number of bedrooms in the home

  • Ties to the neighborhood

  • Applicant has been displaced from neighborhood, or is at risk of displacement

  • Lowest qualifying income

  • Currently homeless or housing unstable

  • Employed in Seattle or King County

Homestead is working the outreach partner Africatown Community Land Trust to reach potential applicants who may have been displaced from the neighborhood and would like to purchase a home at Village Gardens.

Additional details on the community preference policy and guidance for applicants will be published closer to the time when home sales begin, estimated to be late 2021.

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